RepairsAdvantage of Air Condition Maintenance : An air conditioners filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. Your Air Conditioner require regular and proper maintenance.

If you wait until the last minute to have your air conditioning repaired or wait until something goes terribly wrong, you could be making a very expensive mistake. Like any mechanical equipment, the most cost-effective way to get the most out of your air conditioner is with regular maintenance and proper care.

Checking on the air conditioning unit yourself and having a professional stop by frequently can help save you lots of money in the long run. Small maintenance and air conditioning repair measures can have benefits like:

  • Preventing
    costly breakdowns
  • Reducing
    energy costs
  • Extending the
    life of the equipment
  • Improving
    system performance
  • Making
    the system safer

Little steps can go a long way in saving you money and avoiding a heat stroke in the middle of the summer when your air conditioning goes out. For example, replacing and cleaning the air filters can have a positive impact on air conditioning system performance. Clean air filters maximize your system’s airflow, making it cleaner and improving efficiency and operation. Changing the filters also reduces energy consumption your house uses and helps the environment. According to energy savers keeping your filter clean can lower the energy consumption of your unit by 5%-15%, a significant savings.

Overall maintenance is also important as your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year.

Maintenance Service on Call basis.
Maintenance Service under AMC Contract
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Maintenance Service under CMC contract
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  • Image Complaint on Call:

    We receive complain on call regarding Air Condition problem. We attend the call within 2 to 3 hr. We handle the call according your requirement. Once we receive the call we will get it registered, analyses the problem and provide best solution for the same. Within minimum time at your doorstep only.

  • Image Air Condition Repairing:

    Shagun Air Cool offers multi-brand and multi type of Air Condition repairing maintenance at your door step only. Proper and regular Maintenance of your air-conditioning unit will keep you cool, tension free and safe in summer time. It reduces risk of emergency breakdown and electricity bill amount at same time. Shagun air cool offer multi-type ac repair and maintenance offer for your comfort. Our best Service and maintenance offer are given below.

    For good cooling result it is very important to keep door closed while air-conditioning unit is on and disallow any natural or outside heat to peep in. Hence we must take care that the doors do nor frequently and all the windows and duct are keep closed while the Ac’s are working.

  • Image Air Conditioning Unit Leak Repairing and Gas Charging:

    If gas pressure is below than a particular pressure then it needs gas charging. For gas charging first we will check the unit if there is any leak. If there is any then we will repair and put the pressure in unit. We will hold the pressure for one day in unit if it is constant then we will vaccumized the unit and then we will fill the gas.

  • Image Compressor Replacement:

    In the case if we need to replace compressor of your air conditioner unit we will replace it with gas charging and warranty period. Some time due to current fluctuation or any other electrical reason compress stop working or it burns. In this case we need to replace the compressor with new one or equivalent. We will provide warranty period for the same.

  • Image Aluminum Coil Replacement:

    Now days almost of Split of Air conditioner coming in market with aluminum Condenser coil. That will get rusted and in one and half year. Aluminum coil get leaked very soon and your air conditioner stop working. In this case we need to replace the condenser coil with copper condenser coil. Copper condense coil will work for a long time. And will save your money, time and energy. You will get the complete satisfaction with this.

  • Image Circuit Repairing:

    Some time you air condition stop working or stop receiving command form your remote or may few function of your air condition stop working in this case need to repair the circuit. We will take it out from unit and do repairing. After repairing we will fit it with system will make you satisfied if unit is working properly or not.

  • Image Capacitor Replacement:

    Capacitor is also a important part of your air conditioner it boost to start the compressor and fan as well. Capacitor is device that store the current and discharge high current for the compressor. It helps to save energy and smooth operating of your Air Conditioner. It gets week within one and half year. Because of week capacitor your air conditioner will stop working. In that case we have to change the capacitor for working properly of your air conditioner.

  • Image Servicing of Air conditioner Unit:

    There are 4 type of servicing we are providing for your Air conditioner unit.

  • Image Dry Servicing:

    In dry service we clean all the indoor unit and outdoor unit with the help of blower. We inspect the unit.