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Electronic instruments and gadgets always call for its need of maintenance. Needless to say that Air Conditioning units are no exception. At Shagun Air Cool, our AC repair in Vashi facilitates in solving all the glitches and technical breakdowns to ensure smooth operation of the air conditioning machines. At Shagun Air Cool, we provide robust and cost effective Ac repair service.

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Technical issues are something that every electrical gadget is associated with. And AC machines are no exception to be honest. In fact it is hard to imagine an AC machine that has never faced a technical issue with time. Also it needs maintenance on timely interval, that may be on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis. However, with our AC service in Vashi it easy to bid adieu to all sort of problems with your AC machines.
At Shagun Air Cool, our repairing service happens to be an overall comprehensive unit of all your servicing needs for maintenance of air cooling systems. The types and verticals of service we offer with our AC service facilitate our clients in several ways. At Shagun Air Cool:

  • We do Gas Charging & Leak Repair
  • Treat your AC with a dry cleaning service
  • Replace the compressors if needed
  • Replace the damaged Aluminium coils
  • Get rid of issues with faultry circuits
  • Get the capacitors changed with time

Thus at Shagun Air Cool, our AC service in Vashi covers almost all issues that an air conditioning unit may face most of the time.

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What makes people choose our services over others?

At Shagun Air Cooling, our AC service in Vashi is very popular and chosen by people over any other relevant service provider. The pivotal reasons that mark our service as an exclusive one can be briefed as follows:

  • At Shagun Air Cooling, we are just a call away. Once you fix up an appointment to avail our AC service, our team of expert will reach you at your doorstep to get your needs covered.
  • Save your time and effort with our AC service in Vashi. We provide doorstep service to our clients. Our professionals will reach your place to assist as per your scheduled time.
  • Our team of professionals are trained with strong communication skills to interact with our clients and understand the exact problem and problems they are facing. Our AC service is driven by a client centric model, and we do treat our valuable clients with extreme importance.
  • At Shagun Air Cool, we always concentrate and focus on consistently maintaining a strong customer relationship management. And so are trained our backend support team to communicate seamlessly with our valuable patrons. Our AC service in Vashi always look forward to get better with every passing day, and cater to the need of our clients accordingly.
  • Our air conditioner repair service in Vashi comes with an experience of almost two decades. And over the time, we have developed a long standing credibility, which eventually marked us as a symbol of trust and reliability.
  • The sweat & toil, the perseverance and the experience with time marks our service as a ‘cut above the rest’ amongst the other similar service providers. With every passing day we try to get even better with our services and cater to our clients even better.

So, it can easily be ascertained from the key factors that the goodwill we gained over the time, and the uncompromising quality of service we provide, eventually speak about what we stand for. And thus, people choose us as a trusted and reliable brand of AC service in Vashi over any other similar brands.

What services do we provide to get people benefitted?

At Shagun Air Cool, our AC service in Vashi happens to be a one stop solution for almost all sort of technical issues regarding your air cooling systems. Our client centric model of service is driven by the motto of providing the best possible service to our clients.

  • We do Gas Charging & Leak Repair:
    A major issue that is faced by most of the air conditioning units is low pressure. And in such cases it is mandatory to get a gas charging done, to keep the system running. Our AC service, also make sure to check, identify and repair the leakages. Leakages can lead the entire process of gas charging in vain.
  • Treat your AC with a dry cleaning service:
    If the cooling system is kept unused for a long time, or left refrained from maintenance, it is mandatory to get a dry cleaning done. Our AC service in Vashi uses specially equipped blower to get the interior and the exterior cleaned thoroughly, to keep the system running.
  • Replace the compressors when needed:
    An essential functional unit of any air conditioning system are the compressors. At Shagun Air Cool, our air conditioner repair service do understand the fact that compressors are sensitive to electrical variations. And thus we do take special care to execute the compressor replacement service, to get seamless results.
  • Get rid of issues with faultry circuits:
    Faultry circuits may often cause interruptions in operating an air cooling system. In fact the system fails to read the commands of the sensor based remote control, due to circuit issues. Our AC service in Vashi facilitates to fix up the circuit issues in no time.
  • Replace the damaged Aluminium coils:
    The Aluminium coils present inside a cooling unit may get leaked or damaged over the time. With our AC service, we help you to get rid of such issue by replacing the coils whenever you need.
  • Get the capacitors changed with time:
    Capacitors also breakdown with time. And eventually their performance starts to cease. So it is essential to get the fresh set of capacitors with time, which we take care of with our service in Vashi.

Thus, at Shagun Air Cool, we indeed form a comprehensive one stop unit of AC repair in Vashi, to troubleshoot almost all sort of glitches.

So, is your air conditioning system functioning the right way? Need to get a servicing done?

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