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Get Hassle Free AC Repair In Kharghar With Shagun

Every electronic device need its maintenance for seamless working, and so is an AC machine. At Shagun Air Cool, our AC repair in Kharghar facilitates seamlessly in fixing up the problems and ensure a smoothly operating air conditioning system.
In fact buying a new AC machine is not always feasible in case of technical issues. So, it is beneficial and cost effective as well to get an AC service done.

Troubleshoot The Glitches With Our AC Service In Kharghar

Technical breakdown is pretty common in AC machines, especially after a year of installation. Also it needs a routine maintenance on quarterly or annual basis. At Shagun Air Cool, our AC service in Kharghar, is destined to solve all your problems in no time. Our repairing services cover almost all major issues an AC machine can face:

  • AC unit gas charging and leak repairs
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Dry cleaning and service
  • Aluminium coil Replacement
  • Circuit Repairs
  • Replacement of Capacitors

At Shagun Air Cool, we always look forward to provide all basis covered and comprehensive AC service in Kharghar.

For Better Repair & Maintenance
Why people should opt for Shagun Air Cooling?

Shagun Air Cool provides exclusive Kharghar based AC service. And the key factors that mark the service as exclusive can be briefed as:

  • Availing our AC service in Kharghar is just a tap away. All you need is to place a call and fix up an appointment. Our team of experts will reach your place right on time to get it fixed.
  • Our doorstep service saves your valuable time. It will take no more than a day to reach out the problems and solve all the technical problems client may be facing.
  • At Shagun Air Cool, we treat our valuable clients with pivotal importance. And so are our team of professionals, who are skilled enough to interact and understand the exact problem the client is facing.
  • Our experts and backend support team are equally trained in communicating with our fellow clients. This eventually helps to build a strong customer relationship management system, so as to cater them with our ac service.
  • Shagun Air Cool bears a long standing trust and credibility of almost 20 years in the field of air conditioner repair service in Kharghar. It is the hard work, perseverance and experience, which eventually acclaims us as one of its kind amongst other similar service providers. And with every passing day, we try to get even better with our services.

Thus, our goodwill and uncompromising quality of service speaks about what we stand for. And therefore, we constitute an exclusive team of AC service in Kharghar that the fellow patrons prefer to opt for.

How do we let people to get benefitted with our services?

At Shagun Air Cool, we get almost every possible issues covered, with our services. We are driven by the motto to let people derive out the best possible benefits with our services. A comprehensive glimpse of our services may be briefed as follows:

  • Gas Charging & Leak Repair:
    It is important to execute a gas charging, when the pressure is low. It facilitates to keep the system running. Our AC service in Kharghar also ensures to undergo a thorough check to locate and repair the leak points. Without it, the entire gas charging process turn to be an effort in futility.
  • Dry Cleaning & Servicing:
    If the machine is not operated or serviced for a long time, it eventually calls for a dry service to keep it running. Our AC service in Kharghar takes special care to clean the entire unit with a specially equipped blower.
  • Compressor Replacement:
    Compressor happens to be a pivotal part of the functioning unit of an air conditioning system. However, compressors may face serious glitch in case of electrical variations and issues. Our air conditioner repair service takes special care to change the compressors in case of need.
  • Aluminium Coil Replacement:
    The aluminium coils present inside an AC may form leak with time. To keep the system running smoothly, our AC service in Kharghar always do the needful to get the coils changed.
  • Circuit Repairs:
    A pretty common problem often faced by AC units, are faultry circuits. It causes interruption in responding to the commands and inputs of the remote control. However, our AC service are extremely efficient in fixing up the issues relating to circuit.
  • Replacement of Capacitors:
    The capacitors in an AC, too have a life span. And with time it may show degeneration in performance. With our AC service in Kharghar, you can get it changed any time you feel the need.

Get a proper AC repairing service with Shagun AC . We are here to get your needs covered and get all the technical glitches fixed. Feel free to reach out to us today for a free quote.

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