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AC Maintenance In Mumbai - Resolve Your AC Issues with Shagun Air Cool

Gearing up for this summer? As you check all the times on your list, there is something you would never want to miss out — an AC. Make sure your AC is in good shape because as the temperatures soar high, the last thing you would want happens is to be let down by your only recourse. Fret not, for we are here at your disposal. Shagun’s AC maintenance in Mumbai is keeping itself busy as Mumbai is in for a rough summer. We recommend you join in. Make sure your AC is in a good condition to serve your needs.

What are our Air Conditioner Maintenance Services?

Our AC maintenance in Mumbai has its share of takers, thanks to a host of Air Conditioner Maintenance Services that we offer.

Our AC maintenance services and repair works include the following:

  • Circuit Repairing :
    One reason why your AC responds poorly to your remote control is because of its circuiting flaws. Our air conditioner maintenance team is capable of removing the unit to set it right.
  • Aluminium coil replacement :
    If your AC has an aluminium condenser coil, chances are it will fail sooner or later. We can resolve the issue by replacing it with a copper condenser coil.
  • Gas charging and leaks :
    Often, for your AC to work effectively, you might need gas charging. It will not,however, hold if there are leaks. If you call us for our air conditioner maintenance service, we will check the system for leaks. If we detect any, we will immediately take steps to take care of it.
  • Capacitor replacements :
    A capacitor is vital to the functioning of an AC. However, if it gets weak, which it will most likely do with time, our air maintenance services would make it possible for you to replace it.
  • Dry servicing :
    We all agree that any machine needs dusting off, at least, occasionally. However, a routine cleaning method might do more harm than good. It takes a professional to do it right. For home ac maintenance, our dry servicing should satisfy your needs. With a blower, we clean both the indoors and outdoors of an AC.
Why do you need AC preventative maintenance?

As the name suggests ac preventative maintenance is done to save it from being completely damaged. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Neglecting central ac maintenance is like neglecting central air maintenance. As we live a majority of our lives in enclosed places, it is very important to keep the air circulating properly. If air conditioners are not maintained properly, then they start performing poorly and gobble up lots of energy. Before you know it, some serious damage might have caused it to shut down completely. If the worst comes to the worst, it might happen when you are in dire need of some cool air.

The benefits of air maintenance works are more than you can count. Apart from preventing breakdown and saving energy, it is also helpful in increasing the lifespan of the machine. Longer life would amount to nothing if it barely meets the user needs. A good servicing can ensure that the performance of the AC is always satisfactory. In addition, what more, it makes the system safer, more efficient and more economical. In short, you can save some bucks in the end.

For Better Repair & Maintenance
Why should you choose us?

There may be many ac maintenance companiesout there. However, we believe we are worthy of your choice because of many reasons. Some of them are the following.

  • Multi-brand repairs :
    Specific companies normally do repairs and servicing for machines of those specific companies. This is because each company varies in its design. One needs to know in detail how the system is designed to work on it. With our accumulated skill set and knowledge, we can proudly say that we are familiar with all the brands. Our works are not restricted to any one brand in particular.
  • The door to door AC repair :
    It is quite a task to move around with your bulky ACs to get it repaired. Be it for repair or maintenance, we appear in front of your doors moments after you make the call. You can also let us know the time of your convenience so that we can serve you whenever you want.
  • Multi-city repairs :
    Thanks to the encouraging response from our customers, our AC maintenance servicesin Mumbai have given us the confidence to expand. We have spread our wings further. Our services that are available in the cities outside of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will give us access to a lot more people. As we branch out to a lot more places, spread the news to all your friends and relatives living there.
  • AC maintenance :
    Not just for repairs, we are more than happy to serve you with AC maintenance works anytime, anywhere you want. If you want regular maintenance works, still no problem. Try our annual maintenance services too. Count us in!

The most perturbing question any consumer has in her mind is the cost and this is probably why many of you opt out of AC maintenance. We are happy to offer you with something different. We assure you that you do not have to pay through your nose to avail yourselves of a good quality service from us. Our rates are affordable. Moreover, if you compare our AC maintenance cost to what you will potentially save, you are in for a good deal.

So, brave the heat of this summer without having to worry about your old and tired air conditioners. Ring our number and make an appointment at Shagun Air Cool. Our air maintenance in Mumbai will keep your warm days cool.

So, what are you waiting for? Summer is coming!

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