Annual Maintenance Contract

As a Shagun Air Cool, we are providing AC repairing and maintenance service on Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) basis for commercial and residential complexes for all kinds of Air Conditioner. There are two types of AMC services we are providing :

  1. Non Comprehensive Contract
  2. Comprehensive Contract

Non Comprehensive Contract

Shagun Air Cool provides AMC contract service to respective customer for one year. In AMC contract Shagun Air Cool provides 4 free services during AMC quarter basis. 4 service includes 2 wet and 2 service for your Air Conditioner. With AMC contract Shagun Air Cool will attend all the call and complaint within 2 to 24 hr. and it will be free of cost. We will charge, if there is any part required for the same.

Shagun Air Cool will charged for below parts during AMC

Particulars  Chargeble  Non Chargeble
Four Free Service ( 2 wet + 2 Dry )
Complain attend will be free of cost.  
Referegent gas Charging  
Capacitor replacement  
Compressor Replacement  
PCB Repairing  
Fan Motor  
Electric Switch  
Remote Control  
Circuit Barker  
Air Filter  
Thermocol Parts  

Warranty :- Shagun Air Cool will not provide warranty for Electric Part, Compressor,, Plastic Parts, Gas Charging, Condenser Coil and Cooling Coil. We will collect extra charges for the same.

CMC : Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

Shagun Air Cool provides CMC service for our respective customer. CMC contract includes one year warranty for Air Conditioner, Refrigerant gas charging, Compressor, Circuit repairing with four services and complaint.

Particulars Chargeble Non Chargeble
Four routine services on quarter basis.
Immediate attendance for complain and breakdown
Fan Motor  
Condenser and Evaporator coil
Handset Remote Control
Thermocol Parts
Sheet Metal Parts
Air Filter
Circuit Braker

Shagun Air Cools Valuable Service for AMC and CMC

  • Shagun Air Cool provides immediate response on complain call with minimum time
  • Shagun Air Cool provides 4 routine service on quatrain basis. We will do remind call for each and every service.
  • Shagun Air cool will check Air conditioner unit before taking CMC contract. If found in not working condition, we will repair it and charge for the same.
  • Shagun air cool provide quick response for complain on call.
  • We provide AC AMC and CMC service for Split, Window Ductable, Cassette Tower and all other type of Air Conditioner.

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